Monday, July 27, 2015

How It All Started

How It All Started?
I was never the fit type of girl, actually I did not know what fit meant until four years ago. I am going to be honest, I love to eat and who doesn't?, but I was not conscious about having a healthy nutrition. I always wanted to be skinny and complaint when I could not fit on the clothes I wanted to wear, but I didn't care about eating healthy, just wanted to satisfy my gut.
In January 2011 after I came back from my home-country vacations, I found myself weighing 155 lbs, I felt terrible and sad with myself. I still remember like it happened yesterday, one morning I looked myself at the mirror and took a look at my hole life thinking: is this really the body and mind
you want to have for the rest of your life? so with all the determination of the world I promised to myself that I will lose 10 lbs. With all the support of my boyfriend (currently my husband), I started dieting and started loosing weight. I was feeling great when people started noticing my change, so that initial goal of 10 lbs is up to date 42 lbs that I have lost. Of course, there were and still are ups and downs in this life style, but is all in our minds and the consistency we put on to reach our goals. I want to share some photos back on the days when I was unhealthy, overweight and unhappy with my body:

I forgot to say that I was very lazy, like super lazy!! I didn't like to exercise at all, that was too painful, boring and not for me. But on the process of my transformation came the plateau phase of all diets. I had to start some aerobic exercises from home in order to increase my weight lose. I did Tae bo, which are aerobics than combines martial arts ( I found videos on Youtube) and I also started walking in the afternoons with my hubby. Later, a friend of mine introduced me to Insanity, so I started the program to shape my body, it really helped me to tone and lose a bit more of weight. I also did P90X, that helped me a lot. I highly recommend it for people that can't go to the gym and want to learn exercises that challenge the body. This is how I look today: 

Currently, my new challenge is called triathlon. Yes, triathlon! a very hard and fun sport that combines swimming, biking and running. I am not doing it to loose weight, not at all! I am doing it because is fun, challenging and keeps me motivated. And this is where my blog name came in, when You are Fit, you can do Fun things!. Even if you aren't fit you can do fun stuff, but if you are fit is a plus that helps your body, mind and health. 
This is a journey that never stop, if you have the courage to start, have the courage to maintain it. Dedication and consistency are the mothers of successful people. I don't know if I'm ever going to be the best triathlete, but I will work for it and that's what counts! 

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