Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Finishing a Race With Pain

The past September 26th, I completed my second International triathlon distance. The week before the race I had a problem with my left feet, so I gave it rest for the whole week prior the race.
When I started the race everything was perfect. I was very happy, because for the first time my mom could see me competing (even though I did not know how that was going to work, since she is very nervous and I knew she will yell something like: slow down or be careful, and making weird faces reflecting her concern). So before I started the race, I told her not to yell anything or to get scared hahaha.
The swim was very good, the water was calm and for the first time nobody hit me or I did not hit anybody. Bike was nice as well, it was windy but at least the road was flat. This time, I was able to pull a bit faster than usual (yes! my bike skills have improved a lot!). Then my favorite part, the run. This time it was not so favorite, since I left the transition area, I felt the pain that I had one week before again. The pain was constant, I was trying to think on other things and not to focus on that but at some point it was inevitable. But I didn't want to stop, so the power of the mind was stronger and I could run and cross the finish line. It is worth to say, that this "inconvenient" did not affect my pace at all, to my surprise.
When I crossed the finish line, I literally could not walk, I started limping. On every other races, after I finish, I may feel a bit tired, but this time was not the case. This time my left foot was on fired and that made me worried a lot.
One of my fears is getting injured. I always try to be careful with every movement I made so my training is not in jeopardy. Well, I had to face it and start recovering from this situation. I had two visits to the chiropractor, who told me my arch was twisted. After two sessions and almost three weeks of little or not run training I was able to get rid of that pain. But I still continue to worry about it, because I don't want that problem to come back. I have a love and hate relationship with the run, but at the end of the day, is my strength area of the three sports. So I don't want it to change.
I will keep continue recovering, taking care of my feet and doing what my coach tells me to do before my next big race!!
Here are some pictures of my International race, at Fort DeSoto, Florida:

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